1. Belong to a Fond du Lac County 4-H club.


  1. Belong to the Fond du Lac County Horse and Pony Project and meet project requirements as listed in the Rules of Exhibit, Barn Rules, and Safety and Riding Rules.


  1. All Wisconsin State 4-H guidelines will be followed as they pertain to any and all Fond Du Lac County 4-H Horse Project functions.


  1. Attend four of the monthly meetings (not including the July mandatory meeting), two fundraisers set up by the project committee, one clinic by July 1st and one of the two mandatory meetings held in July prior to the Fair.  Any member grade 13 who is unable to fulfill the attendance requirements must have a letter requesting a waiver submitted to the President by the January meeting.

  1. Release of Liability form must be signed by parents or guardian and returned to the Sgt at Arms by the February meeting to be eligible to participate in any 4-H Horse Project Activity. 

  1. A member may identify any number of horses or ponies but a completed Horse Identification, Copy of Coggins results, and Health form must be turned in to the Sergeant at Arms by the May project meeting for each one. ONLY "HARD" COPIES OF THESE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED - NO SCANS/EMAILS!!! It is recommended if possible to register more than one horse in case an emergency would arise with one horse it would leave you with a “back up”.  Any Horse not registered by the May project meeting by the member will not be allowed to show at the Fond du Lac County Fair.  If forms are not handed in at or before this meeting the member will not be able to show a horse at the County Fair.  All forms mailed to the Sgt. of Arms MUST be postmarked MAY 15.

  1. A member is only allowed to bring two horses or ponies to the fair and will have to show both horses in Fair Entry classes.

  1. Only members of the immediate family, and a 4-H youth paired with a Horseless Horse youth, are permitted to show the same project animal.  Each family member may show any combination of eight  classes, provided the horse is only shown once in a specific class number. Each project member is allowed to show in, at most, eight classes.

  1. Horseless Horse may only enter in Horseless Horse classes.

  1. Stallions are prohibited.

  1. Ponies must be 56 inches and under. Ponies must be measured by 1:00 pm Wednesday of the fair.

  1. All horses and ponies identified must have their original coggins and a copy turned into the Sgt. of Arms by the May meeting.


  1. A veterinarian’s signed statement regarding a reason for your horse to not be able to attend the fair and request for a substitution must be submitted to the Board for discussion and approval. Any substitute horse or pony not meeting the requirements in rule #6 will not qualify for exhibiting at the County Fair.


  1. Any exhibitor who has completed grade 6 and receives a blue ribbon in their Fair Entry classes is eligible to attend the WI State Horse Expo held in September.  Exceptions are any Novice classes, Backyard classes, Hunter jumper classes, Dressage classes, Trail in Hand classes, and Horseless horse trail and cart classes.  These classes are not State qualifying classes.

  1. A member who has completed 3rd grade may compete at the WI State 4-H Horse Expo without receiving a blue ribbon in the following: photography, drawing, model horse, judging, poster, clothing, speech and demonstration.  See WI State 4-H Horse Expo Rules for additional guidelines.

  1. A member must also be in good standing with the Fond du Lac County 4-H horse and Pony project to compete at any WI State 4-H Horse Show(s) which means all rules of conduct contained in (Rules of Exhibit, Barn Rules, and Safety Riding Rules) will be adhered to at all 4-H functions.  Inappropriate actions or behavior by parent or member will receive a one time verbal warning from the president or the superintendent.  In the event of a second offense, you will be brought in front of the Board for further action.  This may consist of being asked to leave the fair, and or any other 4-H Horse Project Function.  These actions may also disqualify the member from competing at any WI State 4-H Horse Show(s). 

  1. All classes will be judged according to the Wisconsin 4-H Horse Association Equestrian Guidelines.

  1. The Board reserves the right to cancel or combine classes with insufficient entries (three or less).

  1. No grooms or trainers are to be in the ring or on the rail during the show (except headers in the driving classes).  No coaching from the rail.

  1. An exhibitor or parent may approach the judge, in the presence of a board member or ring steward, only AFTER the exhibitors classes under that judge have been completed.




  1. The Fond du Lac County Horse Project Committee assigns all stalls according to clubs.  A form asking how many horses you are bringing to the Fair is included in this packet, and must be returned by the May project meeting to the Sergeant at Arms.  At this time you may request to be in a certain club.  Do not request tack stalls, they will be assigned according to number of horses in the barn. 


  1. Horses and ponies are prohibited from standing or being tacked in the barn aisle at any time.


  1. Hay bags, and hay nets with 2 inched sized holes or smaller, are allowed. Bags/nets need to be hung at least wither height.


  1. Water buckets should be tied or secured in the stalls.


  1. Stall Identification forms, emergency contact cards and entry cards must be on the stall door at all times.


  1. No dogs or pets are allowed in the barn at any time.


  1. No smoking is allowed in the barn at any time.


  1.  You cannot publicly exhibit your horse through an open stall door without a halter and lead rope on the horse controlled by the handler at all times.


  1. All horses and ponies must be fed, watered and stalls cleaned by 10:00am.  Simple picking is allowed all day.  Horses and ponies must have water at all times all week.

  1. Barns will be open at 6:00am and closed at 11:00pm unless otherwise posted.


  1. Barn duty is a requirement for all members. Each club will be assigned a designated time that barn duty must be done.  It is also your responsibility to pick up your own mess.


  1. Blankets on the horses and ponies are prohibited between the hours of 10:00am and 9:00pm, except after 6pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

  1. Barn Superintendents will check horses and ponies once a night.


  1. Riding and driving in the barn is prohibited.  Horses must be lead at a walk when in the barn.  Horses and ponies and driving carts must be mounted and dismounted in warm up ring only.

  1. Bathing of horses and ponies should be done on the west side of the barn.

  1. Manure is to be deposited on the west side of the barn, in the manure pit.

  1. Shavings, bedding pellets or straw only may be used for bedding.

  1. Trailers are to be parked in designated area only. No trailers parked by campers.






  1. Novice exhibitor classes are recommended for 1st and 2nd year project members, but are not mandatory. Novice horse classes are intended for "green" horses and those with limited showing experience.

  1. Arena will be open for working horses and ponies between 6:00am to 8:00pm


  1. Horses cannot be ridden, driven or schooled by anyone other than the exhibitor. No free lunging - horses must be on a lunge line.


  1. Special permission for lunging another exhibitor’s horse for hardship cases ONLY may be obtained by reporting circumstances to the board.  Special permit MUST BE WORN while handling the animal and the member must be present.


  1. No reckless riding. No riding, lunging, or driving on any grassy areas.  Lunging times will be designated.  Riding and driving are permitted in warm up ring or arena only.


  1. Horses that kick must have a red ribbon in their tail at all times.


  1. Riding etiquette will be enforced  all times, avoid clusters of three or more, stay at least one horse length between other riders at all times in the arena, do not stop on the rail.


  1. Exhibitors may only be mounted in designated areas.  Horse must be appropriately tacked (saddle and bridle) and rider must be appropriately attired (boots, pants,  helmet) when riding. NO RIDING DOUBLE OR BAREBACK


  1. Members must wear boots or riding shoes with a heel at all times while working with their horse.  No tennis shoes or sandals will be allowed.  When riding please make sure that you are appropriately covered.Any person handling/leading a horse must wear proper footwear – NO open toed footwear allowed.

  1. SEI approved helmet with safety harness securely fastened is required when riding or driving. No exceptions.

  1. After Friday’s show, family members, owners of horse, and family members of owners will be allowed to ride horse for the rest of the fair, after signing Release Of Liability form and returning it to the President.