Fond du Lac County 4-H Horse Project





        1.   The board will meet once a month, prior to the general membership meeting, if necessary.


     2.    Concerns and decisions will be addressed by the entire board.


     3.    Committees will report first to the board, and then back to the general members


     4.    Opinions of all must be respected.


     5.   The board will establish an open forum time for individual's issues to be aired.  This will be acted upon by the board at the next board meeting.


     6.    Concerns may be presented in writing to any board member at any time.  Action will be taken at the board's next scheduled meeting.


       7.   These guidelines will be monitored by the 4-H Adult Leaders Association and the 4-H Office.


     Adopted by 4-H Horse Board of Directors 5/13/97.




4-H is a community of young people across America

                                                                    who are learning


leadership, citizenship and life skills.














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